IMU Data Format In Metavision Software

IMU Data Format In Metavision Software

Some of Prophesee products are able to record IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) data along with the sensor native data stream. This IMU is not part of our sensors but is mounted on another board (Invensense MPU-9250) within some of our EKVs. Until version 2.0.0, IMU was supported in metavision, but this feature was not leveraged by any of our partner's camera, so we decided that supporting it was note relevant for us and we removed it since version 2.1.0 of metavision.

If you want to use the IMU or if you have RAW files that contain IMU data that you want to decode, the easiest way is to use Metavision 2.0.0. To install this version, visit the Download Center (registred users only). If you want to read IMU data with the latest version of Metavision, you will have to program your own events decoder. To this this, here we share the data format of those events.

This event is part of EVT2 data format. It is composed of 6 event words, the first being an IMU_EVT, then followed by 5 CONTINUED events. These events transmit 16 bits of data each, with the following information in order of transmission: accelerometer x, y and z values, then gyroscope x, y and z values.

1st word:

2nd word:

3rd word:

4th word:

5th word:

6th word:

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