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    If you encounter an issue with our hardware or software, here are some resources that can help you:

    You can also submit your question publicly in the Community Forum. Please note that while this forum is an excellent place to seek help and share insights, priority support is provided to Premium Support members through support tickets. Additionally, to stay updated with new posts and join the conversation in the forum, you can click the 'follow' button in the right menu to follow the community channel. 

    If you are still not able to solve your issue, please create a support ticket with this information:
    • your EVK model and Serial Number (that can be found on your camera and using metavision_platform_info application)
    • the version of Metavision SDK or OpenEB that you are using as well as the type and version of your Operating System
    • if possible, share the full output of metavision_platform_info as it contains data about the two previous steps.
    • finally, explain your problem: what are you trying to achieve and what issue you are facing.

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