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    • your EVK model and Serial Number (that can be found on your camera and using metavision_platform_info application)
    • the version of Metavision SDK or OpenEB that you are using as well as the type and version of your Operating System
    • if possible, share the full output of metavision_platform_info as it contains data about the two previous steps.
    • finally, explain your problem: what are you trying to achieve and what issue you are facing.

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      • How saturation and backpressure affect timestamping precision?

        Preamble In event based sensors, individual pixels react to changes of the amount of incident light exceeding a preset relative threshold. Pixels are asynchronous and independent from each others. Information about a contrast detection is encoded in ...
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        Discover Metavision SDK, an all-in-one package that provides you with a range of essential tools, from a visualization application to a comprehensive API. To download Metavision SDK: - if you are a Prophesee Customer, access our Download Center (if ...
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        Training videos are aimed at familiarizing you with Event-Based technology. They give an overview about Event-Based sensor, its functionality, output data, their visualization and processing. They also show practical examples on using supported ...
      • Sensor's Quantum Efficiency / Spectral Response

        It is possible to derive the Quantum Efficiency (QE) from the LIFO data as explained in this page. Here we share some indicative values about results found for each of our sensor's generation. Official values should be retrieved from the Datasheet ...