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    • Slave Camera Recording file has obvious lag

      I synchronized two event cameras and tested them. When recording, pictures of the master and the slave camera are perfectly fine and no lag is displayed. But when I open raw files, master.raw is fine, slave.raw shows obvious lag (similar to slow motion),
    • Skipping events, based on the performance problems

      Hello, Prophesee Team! Let say we have a simple pipeline: auto& cam_stage = p.add_stage(std::make_unique<Metavision::CameraStage>(std::move(cam), event_buffer_duration_ms)); auto& algo_stage = p.add_stage(std::make_unique<AlgoStage>(), cam_stage); auto&
    • Metavision Pipeline and IPC (Interprocess Communication)

      Hello, I can't get my head around how to make C++ Pipeline work with IPC (NamedPipe for example). I am interested in both directions: sending some data to another application. The most fitting to the Pipeline probably would be "SenderStage", similar to
    • LIBUSB_ERROR_TIMEOUT in Ubuntu (VMware Virtual Machine)

      Hi! When I launch this example in VMware Virtual Machine - Ubuntu OS, I receive this error: "[HAL][ERROR] Error while opening from plugin: hal_plugin_gen31_evk3 [HAL][ERROR] Integrator: Prophesee [HAL][ERROR] Device discovery: Metavision::TzCameraDiscovery